New York Republicans Favor Casino Games at Racing Venues

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According to reports, New York GOP Senators favor a new measure to allow casino games inside state racing venues. The news comes as state legislators attempt to resolve the state-wide budget crisis formally underway.

Republicans favor the casino games due to their revenue-generating capabilities. Some analysts say a new tax on casino games at state tracks could add up to hundreds of millions of dollars per year in additional state tax revenues.

The additional income to the state could help public education, mentally handicapped individuals, rape victims, addiction programs, and much more. It could also help ease the burden of wealthy individuals who feel they are being overly-taxed in New York state.

Bringing new casino games to state race-tracks is not going to be easy. Currently, state law says only indian reservations are permitted to host gambling games like blackjack and video slot machines.

A spokesman for the GOP was unavailable for comment after multiple requests for an interview. We will continue to follow this breaking story as it unfolds

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